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Iridology is a powerful, joined up (systemic or system wide) method of diagnosing your overall state of health Please click here (new page) or here( (video explanation) for an explanation about what Iridology is

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Sarahs Vision: To use Iridology as a very detailed way to learning about your inner health, and inner functioning of your body as a complete system

Sarahs Mission: To empower people in their own healing. To bring about transformation and lasting change to people’s health and lives. To give people agency & sovereignty in making decisions about their own health . 

Sarahs Values: Determined to help and kindly guide and empower people. Operating with trust, authenticity and equality in helping to create health agency/ownership within you

Sarahs Personality: I am a warm, accepting, intuitive, kind mother, daughter, partner, friend. These qualities are who I am before I practice healing using Iridology and Herbs

Sarah Turton is a Diploma qualified Iridologist (sarah@oxfordiridology.co.uk)

Please click here for an explanation about the differerence between firstly NHS, Pharmaceutical approaches and secondly Natural/Herbal Medicine approaches

Your first Appointment includes discussion and taking a picture of your eye. Sarah then studies your eye and prepares a report on her findings. During a second meeting you can discuss what has been revealed about your health by your eyes

Please click here for more explanation about What to expect during an appointment

Please contact on 07773379966 to arrange an appointment