Client Feedback

“Sarah’s astute reading of my eyes, articulated in her iridology report was so profound that I felt amazed and touched that a practitioner could see me so clearly and deeply. The health struggles and vulnerabilities were all fully picked up alongside the deep psychological and environmental reasons for them- dating back to my childhood conflicts with my mother and present day lack of male love and a propensity to over-give to others and crash. This report has been read by me on several occasions as a reminder of holistic balance and where I can shift my focus for the good of greater physical and mental health.

As well as this, Sarah gave me extensive advice and knowledge on the best diet for me as an individual, taking my dietary preferences into account. She also recommended natural remedies that will help support my whole system, in particular the health vulnerabilities noted and the fall-out from over- extending myself in all areas of my life.

With a calm, curious, professional and empathetic manner I would highly recommend Sarah as an Iridologist as well as for nutrition advice and all round systemic support!”